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Professional Legal Defense for Your DUI Case

Have you or someone you care about been charged with DUI / OVI in Columbus, Ohio?

The Koffel Law Firm is a boutique criminal law firm that is currently is the highest rated DUI Practice in Ohio. Attorneys Brad Koffel, Steve Fox and Will Nesbitt are certified in Standardized Field Sobriety Tests (SFST's) by the National Highway Transportation Safety Administration.

For 20 years, Attorney Brad Koffel and his associate attorneys have negotiated and litigated, quite likely, more DUI cases in The Franklin County Municipal Court than any other firm. We know almost every DUI police officer in Columbus and Franklin County. We know every prosecutor. We know every judge. Relationships with the prosecutor and judge prosecuting you is of paramount importance.

Getting in to see us is pretty easy and straightforward: call 614.884.1100 (7 am - 10 pm everyday of the year). A member of our firm will call you back in a matter of minutes. If we believe we can help you, we will tell you in the first 5 minutes. If we can't, we will refer you to someone who we believe can help. We will want you to scan your documents to us ( or fax (866.334.2199). We will schedule a time for you to come in so we can set up a file (sometimes we can do this if you can't get in). We will assign a lawyer to your case and schedule your first court date. We will go to your first court date with you, obtain all the police reports and work on getting your driving restored. Then, we will schedule a follow-up back at our firm to review your case from beginning to end and provide you of your options. We charge just $500 for all of this. Additional legal fees and payment terms will be discussed.

We devote all of our resources to criminal defense, with an emphasis on DUI cases. Our expertise is to your benefit. Our attorneys are AV Certified and have been ranked among the best lawyers in America. These are no small achievements and we want to devote our abilities to you. A DUI charge can go down a number of different avenues, quickly convoluting any case. One of our main goals is to keep you informed. Check out our informational pages below for answers to any of your initial questions. When you are ready to make the next step, be sure to contact a Columbus DUI defense lawyer from our team.

Who Are The Judges of Franklin County Municipal Court?

We practice in front of every judge in the Franklin County Municipal Court every week. The judges are located on floors 12-15. By floor and courtroom, here are our judges:

12A: Judge Pollitt. Judge Pollitt was appointed in 1996. He has won every election since then by overwhelming votes. His term expires January 2015. He graduated from The Ohio State University in 1970 and Capital University Law School in 1974. Judge Pollitt was a very fair prosecutor to work with. He prosecuted cases from 1978-1996. Judge Pollitt runs a very relaxed courtroom, knows the law exceptionally well, and rarely interferes in a jury trial.

12B: Judge Anne Taylor. Judge Taylor was elected to the Bench in 1991. Like Judge Pollitt, her chambermate, her term expires January 2015. She graduated from The Ohio State University in 1973 and Capital University Law School in 1979. Judge Taylor is one of the nicest and finest people you will ever meet. An avid traveler, she has photo albums in her chambers that would rival any National Geographic reporter.

Driving Under the Influence Laws

If you are facing a DUI indictment and are looking for answers, you have found the right firm. The legal system can be confusing and imposing. With the right information, though, you can approach your case in an informed and confident manner. The first step in determining how to manage your specific situation is to find out what kind of DUI you are facing and what procedures you must follow. No matter what particular type of DUI you are facing, our firm has the experience needed to provide you with the representation you need. Our practice areas cover a wide range of issues. Refer to the following pages for more information:

Alcohol Assessments
The first step following any DUI investigation is an alcohol assessment. This evaluation will be used in court and could greatly benefit your position before the judge, so if you are unsure if you should seek an alcohol assessment, working with a DUI attorney could help steer you in the right direction. Read more about alcohol assessments...

BMV Hearings
The Bureau of Motor Vehicles (BMV), the main department that determines that status of your driver's license after your DUI indictment, places a strict timeline for the hearing process to regain a suspended license. If you desire to have your ALS lifted, work with a BMV hearing lawyer who can set up the hearing for you. Read more about BMV hearings

Breath & Blood Tests
The breath and blood test is perhaps the most familiar aspect of a DUI , however it is not as well known that the results from these tests can be very easily skewed and any form of improper handling of the equipment can be grounds for a complete dismissal of the entire case. Read more about breath & blood tests

CDL Truck Drivers and DUI
A CDL, or commercial driver's license, is required to operate a vehicle that is being used for commercial use or the transportation of hazardous material. If a diver is accused of a DUI while driving a non-commercial vehicle, there are major ramifications on that CDL and the loss of that license can be devastating. Read more about CDL truck drivers and DUIs

Columbus Ohio DUI/OVI
If you are a resident of Ohio and are suspected of a DUI, a local law firm is the best place to turn. The Koffel Law Firm is based in Columbus, Ohio and has extensive experience in the DUI legal field and, because of our experience, we know what is heading your way. Read more about Columbus, Ohio DUI and OVI

Commercial DUI
If you are a commercial driver, you know that stricter regulations are placed on your behavior than that of other drivers. If you believe you have been falsely accused of misconduct such as a DUI, it is important to contact an attorney right away because the proper legal representation can be the difference between keeping and losing your job. Read more about commercial DUI

Driving on Suspended License
Being suspected of committing a DUI is only one way to lose one's license. If you were not able to reinstate your license immediately and were caught driving in this condition, the legal ramifications are severe and far reaching. Read more about driving on a suspended license

DUI with Injury
Alcohol can very easily impair judgment, motor skills, and timing. When these impairments are applied to driving a vehicle, the result can be disastrous and can result in an injury that affects the driver, a passenger, or, if another car is involved, the other individual(s). If a DUI leads to an injury, the case can expand to be both a criminal and personal injury situation. Read more about DUI with injury

Field Sobriety Tests
Field sobriety tests are unfortunately not very accurate or reliable, however, despite their imprecision, they can still hold a great deal of weight in the judge's eyes. With the right guidance, though, you may be able to successfully dispute the results. Read more about field sobriety tests

Implied Consent – Refusal
If you have a driver's license, according to the law, you have already agreed to submit to a test to determine blood alcohol concentration. If you decide to refuse to take this test, you may be subject to an immediate suspension of your license for at least 1 to 2 years, depending of the circumstance. Read more about refusing a blood or breath test

Living Out of State
Out of state DUI cases can be very difficult to deal with. The consequences of your indictment will follow you back home. In order to know what is expected of you, work with a DUI defense attorney who can help you plan out your court dates. Read more about living out of state….

Multiple DUIs
As if DUIs weren't serious enough, a second or third becomes exponentially more critical and each DUI added to your account increases the number and severity of penalties you receive. To keep these charges from piling up, contact an aggressive DUI defense attorney who knows how to handle difficult cases such as these. Read more about multiple DUIs

Ohio BUI
A BUI charge is the equivalent of a DUI for boats. It may come as a surprise that approximately 34 percent of fatal boating accidents are directly caused by boating under the influence. There are a number of surprises in boating law. Read more about Ohio BUI

Penalties for DUI
DUI penalties can range anywhere from minor to very serious. Oftentimes the punishment can be reduced when the case was not handled properly by police offers or the courts. Read more about penalties for DUI

Restoring Driving License After DUI
A driver's license is a vital tool in today's society and in order to be able to legally drive on the road after a DUI indictment, you will need to have your license restored. In order to have your driver's license restored as quickly and painlessly as possible, make sure you have an experienced legal representative working for you. Read more about how to restore your driver's license

Under 21 DUI
The restrictions on drinking for drivers under 21 can cause a lot of problems if you are caught driving under the influence. In order to make sure that this accusation does not haunt you for the rest of your life, you should hire an attorney that knows how to fight. Read more about under 21 DUIs

Unlawful Police Stop
The law was designed to protect you and the job of a police officer is to uphold that law. There are instances, though, when an officer fails to follow the proper procedures dictated by the law, opening up the possibility that your entire case can be thrown out by the courts. Read more about unlawful police stops…

Criminal Defense
A DUI charge falls under the general category of a criminal offense, a category that covers a wide range of infractions. A criminal defense attorney should be the first person you talk to if you have been accused of a criminal offense. Work with a lawyer who best knows how to handle your situation. Read more about criminal defense

Work with the Right Legal Professional

At Koffel Law Firm, our attorneys are dedicated to providing their clients with the help and support they need during such a confusing time. Our job is to keep you informed and involved in the entire process of defending your case. It is important to trust the legal team you are working with. Our history of success is a record that you can rely on. Regain the confidence you need to continue life after a DUI and work with our team.

Do not let the state of your DUI charge be left to the mercy of the courts—work with a legal team who knows how to win. Contact a Columbus DUI defense attorney from our firm today!

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