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Alcohol Assessments and 3 Day Programs

So you are wondering what, if any, alcohol counseling you are going to have to do. Generally speaking, if you do not have a prior DUI arrest, you may or may not have to do a 3 day alcohol education program. However, if you have high-risk indicators of being re-arrested for DUI in the future, then prepare for an open, honest, and candid conversation. We can either deal with alcohol (or drugs) in your life or wait for the Judge to dive into them in a few months. If you wait for the Judge, you will lose control over where you get counseling and you could get stuck someplace that is not very good for you.

Alcohol Assessments - if you are under the age of 21, plan on going to see an alcohol counselor. If you have another high risk factor, we will suggest you speak to a counselor for an assessment. This is for your benefit, not our's. There is nothing worse that standing next to a client on their sentencing day and having a Judge assume the worst about our client. If you come out with a clean bill of health-great! If you are recommended for some ongoing counseling - great! Either way, the Judge will love it.

3-Day Alcohol Education Programs - the fact is that more people do these programs than is necessary. We will only recommend them on 2 occasions (1) it will help our negotiations or (2) it is a condition of getting a favorable plea bargain. Other than that, if it comes your way, it is being court-ordered and there is nothing we can do about it.

There are multiple facilities in Central Ohio. They average about $400.00 and typically are held from Thursdays 6:00 p.m. - Sundays 6:00 p.m. They are 72 consecutive hours.

Outpatient Counseling - most outpatient counseling is held at Focus Health, Talbott Hall, or one of the other alcohol treatment facilities in Ohio. Normally, outpatient is going to be an Intensive Outpatient Program ("IOP"). IOP generally consists of 3 hours per day, 3 days per week, for 6 weeks. This is great information for us to use in your case if you do IOP.

Inpatient - there are many clients each month that we just have to get some serious professional help. They feel their lives are worthless; they have no hope, and have thoughts of suicide. Many have tried to commit suicide. Depression runs rampant with the alcohol abuse or dependence. These clients play great mind games with themselves and are experts at deception. Although their friends, co-workers, and family may not see the full extent of their problems, we have a unique knack of identifying them rapidly. There are many times over the course of a year where the first words out of one of our attorney's mouth are "Where do you hide your vodka?" We've never met the client before nor even said "Hi". But, they need help and their facial expressions give them away every time.

If we believe a client needs "Detoxed", it is a life and death matter. The human body cannot handle "detoxing" itself without professional medical supervision. If an addict's body needs the chemicals the user / drinker has been giving it some for many years, the odds are that the body will go into shock or shut down without the drugs or alcohol. Detox cannot be done "cold turkey" safely.

We will not hesitate to get Hazelden on the phone. Hazelden is one of the world's leading alcohol recovery facilities located outside Minneapolis, MN. Each year, we are proud sponsors of several clients who are admitted into Hazelden. We have watched many clients leave Hazelden healthy and happy for the first time since they were teenagers.

If health insurance or private funds can't cover the Hazelden bill, we will look locally at Talbott, Parkside, or Shepard Hill.

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